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ZIP provides the perfect flexible solution for any future metrology requirement.

SmartScope ZIPs are modular systems that can be adapted, as required, to facilitate any number of additional sensors. As a result they provide future-proofing with ease. Start with sophisticated video capability and add touch probes, laser sensors or rotary devices as and when needed – it’s simple, efficient and cost effective.

The flexibility of a SmartScope ZIP means you can specify for today with the confidence of capability for the future.


Illumination is provided by a range of programmable LED light sources including the patented 8 vector, 8 sector SmartRing™. This lighting combination, in conjunction with OGP’s advanced edge detection algorithms; ensure consistent feature recognition, guaranteeing accuracy, repeatability and reproducibility of measurement.

Multi-sensor technology is at the heart of all OGP ZIP coordinate measuring machines; users can add a Renishaw touch probe, TTL Laser, low force Feather probe or Nanometre white light sensor, to provide complete versatility on a single machine. This combination of sensors significantly increases throughput, accuracy and speed of information.

OGP’s multisensor capabilities are provided their true worth through the software packages included which can handle any application with ease.